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This course is suitable for General Practitioner, Medical Officers & specialist and healthcare practitioners to equip themselves with more evidence-based options of treatment to be prescribed together with standard of care especially in treating chronic diseases, autoimmune disease, cancer, allergy and so on.


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Dr Mohd Razin Jaafar (MD)

MMC : 27402

Graduated as a medical doctor (Bachelor of Medicine - MD) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1986. He performed his housemanship in Kuala Terengganu and served as a medical officer at the same hospital. He was promoted as acting Medical Director for Kemaman District Hospital towards the end of 1991.

He then left the government service to set up his own private practice in Kuala Terengganu. While doing so, he realized that there are limitations to the treatment modalities in modern or western medicine. With this notion in mind, he set forth a journey trying to find better ways of helping helpless patients inflicted with all sorts of disease.

In 1995, Dr Mohd Razin made a landmark journey to Krankenhaus Lahnhöhe in Germany, a distinguished integrative hospital run mostly by medical doctors, where he was exposed to the various integrative modalities. Since then, there was no turning back. With more than 20 years of experience in integrative medicine in diabetic and cancer care, Dr Mohd Razin is a household name to thousands of patients that have been helped in one way or another. He also has experience in Acupuncture ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Homeopathy.

He sits as a Medical Director and Consultant to the Healers Health Quarters Group which run a Diabetic Wound Care Centre, Integrative and Alternative Medicine, Medical Director to M-Summit Healthcare which run a Rehab and Wellness Centre focusing in biohacking such as hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and External Enhanced Counterpulsation.

He is also a founding member of Malaysian Restorative Medicine Society (MRMS)  and Kalislab company which provides organic healthy fat, protein, carbs and nutrients to nourish and supercharge people’s health.


Duration: 8 Weeks Course.

Class Every Sunday, 4 Hours (9.00 am - 1.00 pm) per Week.

Total Hours: 32 Hours.

Every participant will be provided with teaching notes.

Online based teaching except site visits to BioHacking centers.

Minimum 20 pax per intake.

2 intakes per year.


  • Enable doctors to learn how to run an in depth inner view with patients to understand their cause of illness.

  • Enable the healthcare policy maker to have a new direction of national health by creating a new culture among its citizens to upgrade health & prevent illness through diet and lifestyle modification.

  • Doctors will be equipped with evidence-based science while presenting the pillars of health and providing solutions in their treatment plan.

  • For certification of the knowledge on Restorative Medicine to doctors, paramedics & general publics.

  • Data collection of impacts of practicing Restorative Medicine on incidence & prevalence of it’s metabolic disease and other chronic diseases.

  • For research on the impact of Pillars of Health knowledge and implementation on the prevalence of diabetes & obesity in Malaysia.


  • This Course is suitable for GPs, MO & Specialists and healthcare practitioners to equip themselves with more evidence-based options of treatment to be prescribed together with standard of care especially in treating chronic diseases, autoimmune disease, cancer, allergy and so on.

  • Health enthusiast.

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Site visits

Case studies



  • We teach applied human biology, physiology and biochemistry and how our body reacts towards pathogens and toxins and how to prevent and eliminate them.

  • We use Pillars of Health as our prescription towards an approach in upgrading health.

  • Most chronic illnesses are considered incurable and patients are emphasized to take medication for life.

  • Doctors will learn how to reverse chronic diseases such as autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, allergy and help their patients to restore their health.

  • Learn to prescribe food as medicine.


  • Participants, especially doctors, will have new perspectives in understanding how to diagnose illnesses, how to interpret signs and symptoms, and how to prescribe treatment plans using Pillars of Health.

  • Other healthcare practitioners will also have new knowledge and more things to prescribe and more ways to manage their patients.

  • Equipped doctors and healthcare enthusiasts with future possibilities in understanding the root cause of symptoms, performance and treatment plan.


  • RM 10,890.00

  • 1st batch discounts RM 8190.00

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