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Phlebotomy Course

A unique one-day phlebotomy certification workshop with lectures, discussion, and practical instruction by a team of trainers including an experienced medical practitioner. For Nurses, Doctors, Laboratory Technicians and Allied Healthcare Services personnel.


  1. Introduce participants to the theory and practice of phlebotomy.

  2. Teach participants on occupational health hazards and precautions.

  3. Show and explain the use of equipment and supplies.

  4. Demonstrate phlebotomy procedures through practice on phlebotomy arm, videos, and live practice.

  5. Demonstrate various techniques using closed system, microtainersand vacutainers.

  6. How to avoid pre-analytical errors.

  7. Teach importance of specimen identification, labeling and processing.

  8. Describe the problems of phlebotomy and tips on how to handle them.

  9. Case studies.


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