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21st century HERBAL SLEEP

21st century HERBAL SLEEP

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21st Century Herbal Sleep is a non-addictive natural herbal remedy to help to sleep better. Herbal Sleep contains 7 herbs to help you to sleep well. Mullein - a mild sedative effect that thereby induces sleep. Chamomile - soothes and relaxes while relieving restlessness, relieves allergies and even aids digestion for added comfort. Passiflora - used as a sedative or calming tonic. Blue vervain - functions as both a stimulant and relaxant. Skullcap - used in treating insomnia, excitability, and restlessness; induces sleep by controlling nervous irritability and muscular incoordination. Hops Flower- serves as a tonic to the nerves and stomach for creating overall restfulness. Oatstraw - has a tonic, soothing effect on both the nervous and blood circulatory systems.

Benefits of 21st Century Herbal Sleep:


Non-addictive natural herbal medication:

Improves restful sleep Helps you awake feeling refreshed



Traditionally used for the difficulty in sleeping. Directions:


Adults: Take two tablets, two hours after dinner. Herbal sleep can be taken once daily for as long as required. This is traditional medicine. Please consult your pharmacist or doctor if symptoms persist/worsen.


Contraindicated in pregnant women: Insufficient reliable data in breastfeeding women.

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